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Body Work

Salt and Sugar Scrubs

Salt Scrub: exfoliates as well as draws toxins leaving skin soft and smooth and enhances product absorption Sugar Scrub: full body exfoliation, leaves skin soft and smooth, enhances product absoption

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NonInvasive Radiofrequency

Skin tightening, inch reduction, regain your curves and shape, diminishes the appearance of cellulite and increases fibroblast activity. Best when done while dieting, or before, during, or after a detox. Performed in a series.

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C. Electrolysis

Defined by the FDA as permanent hair removal. Treats only one hair at a time. More discomfort than a laser. Requires ongoing sessions.

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A. Laser Hair Removal

Defined by the FDA as permanent hair reduction (about 80% after treatment period). Targets pigmented hair. Requires several sessions.

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